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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Europe and American roulette?

The differences are very subtle but they do affect the odds. View our odds chart to see how it affects them. The main difference between the two games is the European has 1 zero, while the American game has 2 zeros.

Where does the term roulette come from?

It's actually a French term and it means 'Little Wheel'

Can I play from my state?

All of the casinos on this website accept players from all areas of Australia, all States and all towns and cities.

Can I play in Australian currency?

We only recommend casinos that offer Australian dollar wagering. That way you don't have to gamble with the exchange rate.

Can I contact customer service?

Yes 24 hours a day. Various methods of contact include toll free support, email, or live chat.

How are winnings paid out?

This depends on you. Casinos normally refund the deposit method and then pay out extra via ewallet, check, wire, or other options that you may select.

Is this legal?

We cannot and will not dispense legal advise. Please consult with someone in your local jurisdiction for more information.

Is this safe?

Your credit card and banking information are safe and will not be disclosed or shared with third parties. The utmost precautions are taken to guarantee the integrity of your information. 









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